kitchen-countertop-oakvilleToday, many homeowners are choosing counters made from materials such as ceramic tile and grout, marble, travertine, granite, or quartz. Each of these materials is beautiful in its own regard, but when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, it’s important to know what is required for your specific counter.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For regular cleaning, a pH neutral cleaner is the best product to use. Vinegar shouldn’t be used, and can cause burns on softer stone counters. Natural stone counters, in particular, require maintenance every 2-5 years, depending on how much they are used. If there is a chip, crack, or split seam, there is potential for the surface to require reparation.

While regular cleaning is important, if your countertop is not sealed properly, no amount of cleaning will keep your counters looking like new. At Strassburger, we offer professional caulking services on all countertops. Caulking prevents food products from leaking between the counter and backsplash, or between inlaid sinks and cooktops.

Kitchen with Natural Stone Restoration

Stain Removal

Ceramic tile and grout counters can be restored and maintained with a thorough alkaline scrub and steam clean, followed by a permanent colour seal for the grout channels. This can bring the countertop back to its original state if the damage is not too severe.

Marble and travertine countertops are beautiful natural stones, but they are very susceptible to staining and burning. Our team restores marble counter tops by removing stains with a poultice process and using diamond polishing to remove the burns. This makes the counter the same as its original finish and ready to be sealed.

Granite countertops are extremely hard and dense, but can still stain. We can remove stains using poultice, a specialized stain removal mixture. The countertop should be resealed every 2-5 years depending on how much it gets used.

Quartz countertops are 93% natural stone and 7% binder, which makes it almost impenetrable and extremely difficult to stain.

Any poultice used in stain removal is customized depending on the type of stone and stain that is being removed.

Calcium and Lime Buildup

Even homeowners dedicated to maintaining their home struggle managing calcium and lime build up. We can remove the buildup that generally occurs around faucets. Natural stone countertops should be resealed every time lime buildup is removed. The sealer will make water and other liquids bead up on the surface, which helps to prevent future buildup.

Permanent Damage

If a faucet is not installed properly and there is a leak where the water can get under the sealer, the water will soak into the stone causing permanent discolouration and can’t be fixed. If you ever begin to see odd discolouration, contact a service provider, or your plumber.

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