If you have an intact tile that has cracked, Strassburger Tile Perfection can simply replace the broken floor tile. Alternatively, if your natural stone tile is cracked, chipped, or broken, we can repair and restore the stone tile itself.

Natural Stone & Marble Tile Restoration

We use an epoxy resin in order to piece your natural stone tile back together. We carry a supply of over 20 different colours and types of natural stone dust. By mixing the epoxy resin with the correct combination of natural stone dust, we can repair your marble tile while minimizing the appearance of crack lines.

In most cases, you cannot tell that there was ever a tile restoration done.

Marble Tile Replacement

In some cases, we can repair a broken marble tile without needing to remove it from the floor. This allows us to save you money on broken floor tile replacement. If the subfloor is stable, removal may not be necessary. We can test the subfloor by simply pressing on either side of the broken marble tile. In these cases, we are able to create a lasting repair at a substantially lower cost to you.

If your marble tile floor has lost its shine through daily wear, we can restore it through marble tile cleaning and polishing.

Do you have natural stone or marble tile you would like restored?

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