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Awesome Job! cant beileve the before and after

Amazing Work On Our Kitchen Grout Restoration

You did a wonderful job on our kitchen grout about a year ago. It is continuing to be amazing!

Obviously, we have a happy customer!

Hi Jeff,
Just a note to let you know we heard from Roxanne Juhasz today to thank us for the warranty service, and to praise what an excellent job Strassburger Tile Perfection did for them on our behalf. Her comments included “the job is so much better than when it was applied by fabricator” and – she and her husband said “the finish is far better than original”.
She went on to compliment the entire procedure again; and wanted to be sure you received this message, as your recommendation and scope of work was excellent, and not many people ‘go the extra mile’ anymore. They were very impressed.
Obviously, we have a happy customer!
Great job Jeff!
Thank you,
Bill Gessner
Senior Category Manager
Protect Plus Surfaces

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