Before You Replace Your Tired Old Tile & Grout Floor, Ask Yourself This Question:

 In Ontario Grout and Tile Restoration

shutterstock_205673824The Question: Why do you want to replace your tile & grout floor?

Depending on the issue with your tile floor, there are other options. Here are three tile flooring issues, and solutions.

1. Problem: You can’t clean the grout – no matter what

Solution: If it’s a tile and grout floor, our grout cleaners can professionally clean the entire tile floor. This grout cleaning, along with a life-time warrantee grout colour seal, will give your grout that brand new look, and ease of maintenance.

2. Problem: You can’t get that new-looking floor finish back, no matter how hard you try

Solution: If you have marble flooring or natural stone flooring, we can professionally clean and strip your natural stone floor, using a diamond polish, giving your marble floor a brand-new finish, for a brand new look. This is all without the cost of replacing your natural stone floor.

3. Problem: You have a broken marble tile, and no replacement tile.

Solution: Through our epoxy-repair process, we can repair the marble floor tile so that you cannot tell it was ever broken or cracked. We then perform a diamond polish marble floor cleaning to give your marble floor new life again.

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