Commercial Ceiling Cleaning in Ontario

Expert cleaning for acoustic tile and vinyl-coated gypsum tile ceilings.

A clean commercial ceiling is a key requirement for health inspection tests. Did you know that rather than paying to replace your dusty, steam-damaged, or grease-splattered ceiling, it is possible to pay for professional ceiling cleaning?

At Strassburger Tile Perfection, our commercial ceiling cleaning and restoration services can help save you thousands of dollars. Make sure that you’re always ready for ceiling inspections with regular or as-need ceiling cleaning from our team. We offer commercial cleaning services for two common types of ceiling tiles: acoustic ceiling tiles and vinyl-coated gypsum ceiling tiles. We also offer tile replacement and hanger grid service as part of our service offering.

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Our Approach to Commercial Ceiling Cleaning

Acoustic Tile Ceiling Cleaning

For acoustic tile ceiling cleaning, we start by vacuuming the ceiling tile to remove dust, using a commercial HEPA-filter vacuum. Then we will spray your commercial ceiling with a specialized all-natural ceiling cleaning solution. In most cases, this cleaning method will return your ceiling tiles to their original condition with no damage done!

As commercial kitchens are dealing with steam, grease & food splatter, a different approach is required. Continue reading for more information on our approach to commercial kitchens.

Vinyl-Coated Gypsum Tile Ceilings

When cleaning vinyl tile ceilings, we start by spraying the ceiling with a commercial-grade, alkaline cleaning solution for degreasing and liquifying the soil build-up. Using telescopic poles, the surface is wiped down with a lambs-wool ceiling cloth and these steps are repeated as ncessary.

For more stubborn soil build-up, steaming is the next step. This allows the grease to reliquify and to be cleaned more easily. Throughout the process, our team makes sure that all surrounding surfaces are protected. We will also ensure that all grids and fixtures attached to the ceiling tiles are manually cleaned and restored as well.

To finish the process, we will rinse the tiles and other surfaces with a neutralizing water spray to remove any residue. At the end of the cleaning, your ceiling will look spotless. These methods will allow you to maintain the fire code and noise-level absorption of your commercial ceiling tiles at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

For other types of commercial ceiling cleaning, see our Open-Concept and High-Level Ceiling Cleaning services.

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning in Ontario

Why You Shouldn’t Clean Your Own Commercial Ceiling Tiles

Many business owners will attempt to clean their commercial ceilings by vacuuming or scrubbing them. Without the proper commercial ceiling cleaning equipment, this approach will do little to clean your ceiling and can actually damage the finish on the ceiling tiles.

Other businesses will decide to paint over their commercial ceiling tiles. Painting over ceiling tiles is a poor idea for a number of reasons. First, painting will restrict the ability of acoustic tile ceilings to absorb noise, resulting in increased echo in your restaurant or store.

Second, acoustic and vinyl-coated gypsum tiles are designed with a burn rating that must meet building codes to pass inspection. Painting can interfere with this rating and present a fire risk for your business. In addition, painting ceiling tiles will create toxic chemical smoke in the event of a fire, reducing the time for a safe exit from a building.

Taking on the task of cleaning your own ceiling tiles is rarely a good idea. Proper commercial ceiling cleaning requires the right equipment and experience for the job, which is why it’s always best to contact a professional.

Invest in the appearance and safety of your business with professional ceiling cleaning.

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