A clean commercial ceiling is a key requirement for health inspection tests. Rather than replacing your dusty, steam damaged, or grease splattered ceiling, our commercial ceiling cleaning company can clean your ceiling to save you thousands of dollars.

At Strassburger Tile Perfection, we offer two common types of commercial ceiling cleaning services: acoustic tile ceiling cleaning, and vinyl tile ceiling cleaning.


Some business owners attempt to clean their commercial ceilings by vacuuming or scrubbing them. Without the proper commercial ceiling cleaning equipment, this does little to clean your ceiling and can actually damage the finish on the ceiling tiles. We also offer tile replacement as part of our service.

Others paint over their commercial ceiling tiles. However, this restricts the ability of acoustic tile ceilings to absorb noise, resulting in increased echo in your restaurant or store. Furthermore, painted commercial ceilings create toxic chemical smoke in the event of fire.

Commercial Ceiling Cleaning – Done Right

For acoustic tile ceiling cleaning, we start by vacuuming the ceiling tile to remove dust, using a commercial hepa-filter vacuum. We then spray your commercial ceiling with a specialized all-natural ceiling cleaning solution which returns the ceiling tile to its original condition. Bleach is added when cleaning kitchen ceilings to reverse damage caused by grease.

For vinyl tile ceilings, we spray the commercial ceiling with all natural commercial ceiling cleaning solution, then wipe it with a lambs-wool ceiling cleaning cloth. We finish the process by rinsing the vinyl ceiling tiles with a water spray. We also manually clean all ceiling grids and fixtures surrounding the commercial ceiling tiles.

These methods allow you to maintain the fire code and noise-level absorption of your commercial ceiling tiles at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

For open-concept commercial ceiling cleaning, see our Industrial Ceiling Cleaning and High-Level Dusting services.

Improve the aesthetic and safety of your business, get your vinyl or drop ceiling professionally cleaned.

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