Slate Floor Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning, sealing, and restoration services for slate floor tiles.

Slate flooring is sleek, stain-resistant and able to stand up to high traffic areas. It is extremely durable and can last for hundreds of years if properly maintained. This makes slate one of the top choices for natural stone flooring in residential or commercial spaces.

In order to capitalize on the long-lasting lifespan of slate flooring, it must be cleaned regularly and a slate floor sealer must be applied at least once a year. Without regular slate floor cleaning, the sealant can break down and lead to severe damage. On its own, raw slate is very absorbent.

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Slate Floor Restoration and Sealing

Due to the hardwearing nature of the stone, slate floor restoration is generally not required. However, in rare cases where pieces have chipped away or come loose, we can source slate floor tiles to match the existing flooring. 

Prolong the life of your slate flooring by sealing it regularly. At Strassburger Tile Perfection, we will remove the old sealant and deep clean the raw stone, ridding it of any pesky stains or discolourations. Then our team will add two layers of clear protective coating.

This slate floor sealer will fill any deep pores in the stone and will protect against spills and scratches. If desired, we can apply a no-slip slate floor sealer for a matte finish. 

Hire a professional slate floor cleaner and sealer for the job, as any missteps can irreparably damage the stone leading to costly repairs or re-tiling in the future.

Slate Floor Polishing

Polished slate floor tiles look brilliant when they are first installed. However, they can lose their gleam over time. If your slate floors are beginning to look dull or lacklustre, you will typically need to reseal your slate floor tiling. For the look of polished slate floor tiles, go for a high gloss slate floor sealer.

At Strassburger Tile Perfection, we offer expert slate floor cleaning services, coupled with best-in-class sealing and slate floor restoration. Book your services to restore your tiles to their original beauty.

Shower Restoration in Ontario

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