Shower Tile Repair

Damaged shower tiles or grout can be a great inconvenience. You’ll want to avoid using the damaged shower since moisture seeping behind the tiles can cause mould, wood rot, and even leaks throughout the rest of your home.

If you need a shower tile repair then get in touch with the experts from Strassburger Tile Perfection. Whether you have cracked, leaking, broken or loose shower tiles, our friendly and knowledgeable team can diagnose the problem and assist you with your shower tile and grout repair.

Repair Grout in Shower Tiles

Over time shower grout can deteriorate, develop holes or start cracking. To fix these issues, our shower tile repair technicians will use a carbide bit oscillating tool to cut out any damaged grout. This tool is specially designed to allow us to accurately remove the grout without damaging the tile. 

After we add new grout lines and seal them to protect against staining, we’ll teach you how to properly clean them to ensure that you have years of easy maintenance ahead.

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Loose Shower Tile Repair

A loose shower tile is often a symptom of a bigger problem like moisture causing issues with your structural subfloor. We will address the problem and then grind down the existing mortar to prepare a smooth base to set the new tile. With many do-it-yourself jobs, this step is often skipped, resulting in an uneven replacement or causing the floor tile to come loose again later.

By following this process of loose shower tile repair and having a sound structural subfloor, we have never had a tile come loose after being replaced. If the substrate surface is stable, we guarantee our tile replacement for the life of the floor.

Cracked Shower Tile Repair

At Strassburger, we can repair a hairline crack in a shower tile without replacing the tile. We carry a supply of over twenty different colours and types of natural stone dust to match your shower tile’s existing colour. 

By mixing the epoxy resin with the correct combination of natural stone dust, we can repair your tile while minimizing the appearance of crack lines. You and your guests will never know which shower tile was cracked in the first place.

Shower Tile Leak Repair

If the grout or tiles have lost their integrity and you are experiencing leaks we will identify the source of the problem and fix it. We perform all types of leak repairs including tile shower drain leak repairs. 

If you leave a leak for too long it can cause costly damage or produce mould or mildew which can be detrimental to you and your family’s health. We will check for damages to the waterproof membrane of the shower and seal all shower tiles so you won’t experience any issues in the future. 

Look to Strassburger Tile Perfection for all your residential tile repair needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with any tile or stone surface problems you have.

Back up your tile replacement with the Strassburger Tile Perfection guarantee.

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