Travertine Tile Cleaning Service

Travertine is a dense stone hailed for its unique design. However, like any natural stone, it has some innate flaws which need to be addressed through regular travertine tile cleaning and sealing. 

Unsealed travertine floor is very difficult to clean. In its raw form, travertine is soft, porous, and prone to chips. The sealant protects the raw stone from oils, dirt, water, or other damaging agents. 

If not properly cleaned and resealed on a regular basis, harmful elements can seep down into the pores of your travertine flooring, damaging its integrity and leaving unsightly marks that can only be removed through restoration. 

At Strassburger, we always use gentle, professional-grade products for your travertine tile cleaning. Abrasive cleaners can dull, age, or leave a haze on your flooring. While doing this, we also take care to properly treat the grout adjacent to your tiles, as they are susceptible to damage from stains and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your travertine flooring.

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Travertine Floor & Tile Restoration

Besides a good clean, travertine requires regularly scheduled diamond polishing and sealing. This travertine tile restoration technique involves using a diamond polish pad to cut away damage on the top layer of your tiles. We switch to finer and finer diamond pads, to leave you with your desired sheen.

This travertine tile restoration technique is the only way to leave you with tiles that look as good as new. After our restoration and polishing process, our team will apply an impregnating sealer in layers to fully protect the surface of your travertine floor.

Travertine Floor Polishing

During the sealing process, you can choose from matte through to satin, glossy, or ultra-high gloss finishes. Keep in mind that high-polished travertine tile can be slippery in high moisture areas, so it is not always recommended in bathrooms or kitchens. 

After a deep clean, our team can buff and polish your tiles to increase the sheen of your polished travertine tile. We use professional polishing pads to bring up the shine of your polished travertine floor tiles. 

For all your travertine floor maintenance, choose Strassburger Tile Perfection to protect your investment for years to come.

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