Cleaning Quartz Floor Tiles

Expert cleaning and polishing for all types of quartz floor tiles.

Quartz floors are both hardy and beautiful, but they must be cared for to maintain their natural brilliance. Avoid etching and discolouration by regularly cleaning quartz floor tiles in your home. Our team is experienced in cleaning and caring for a range of natural stone floors, including quartz, and we can help.

Despite the durability and stain-resistant nature of quartz tiles, this flooring is not invincible. Grit and sand can bore down into the floor and catch-all cleaning products can slowly erode the tiles, robbing them of their strength and shine. 

On lighter tones of rose quartz floor tiles and white quartz flooring, discolouration from liquids like coffee and wine can cause stains. The only way to reliably maintain your quartz is by habitually wiping spills and cleaning quartz floor tiles and countertops on a regular basis.

Strassburger Tile Perfection is an expert at cleaning quartz floor tiles. It doesn’t matter the colour — blue, black, or brown quartz floor tiles — you can rest easy knowing that your quartz floor tiles are being given preferential treatment every time.

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Cleaning Quartz Floor Tiles

At Strassburger Tile Perfection, we never use abrasive agents or scouring pads when cleaning quartz floor tiles. We gently clear debris from your flooring before giving your tiles a deep clean with soft cloths and neutral cleaning products. While cleaning quartz floor tiles, we simultaneously take care of any tough stains or grout discolouration

After cleaning quartz floor tiles, watch your flooring shine from our polishing efforts. We buff your floor tiles with a professional wax polisher. Using circular motions and soft polishing cloths, we can bring your floor up to its desired shine. 

Types of Quartz Floor Tiles 

  • Starlight/Stardust Quartz Floor Tiles
  • Rose Quartz Floor Tiles
  • Black Quartz Floor Tiles
  • Brown Quartz Floor Tiles
  • Blue Quartz Floor Tiles
  • Sparkle/Glitter Quartz Floor Tiles
  • White Quartz Flooring

Cleaning Quartz Countertops

The same goes for cleaning quartz countertops. Countertops may not be as heavily trodden after quartz flooring, but they still require TLC to stay in tip-top shape. The same method of cleaning flooring is used for cleaning quartz countertops. 

Pesky stains can pop up on countertops more often than flooring, so ensure you engage in regular cleaning. To polish quartz countertops in your home use window cleaner in between professional cleans.


Get the shine back in your quartz floors.

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