Non-Slip Flooring Solutions

Whether you own a commercial, industrial, or institutional property, correct safety around slippery floors is always a priority for reducing liability.

Slippery flooring and surfaces such as slippery pool decks, showers, or restaurant floors can be hazardous, but there are non-slip flooring solutions.

Non-Slip Flooring Treatment

Strassburger offers effective and safe non-slip flooring treatments to help prevent slips and falls. Our non-slip floor treatment is a quick, affordable process with no harmful or toxic chemicals.

We start by cleaning the slippery floor and then apply the non-slip floor chemical product. We end with a full rinse and vacuum your new non-slip flooring with our specialized spinner tool.

Your non-slip flooring or no-slip tile surface is ready to walk on just minutes after completion. The whole non-slip flooring process adds only a small percentage to the cost of a basic floor tile cleaning.

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Candidates For Non-Slip Flooring Treatments

Non-slip flooring treatments are suitable for many different scenarios:

  • Poolside decks or gym showers
  • Retail storefronts
  • Grocery store produce departments
  • Restaurant dining areas
  • Business vestibules & waiting rooms

Protect your commercial, industrial, or institutional property.

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