Marble Floor Restoration Services in Ontario

Professional maintenance, repairs, and restoration for your marble floor tiles.

Marble, travertine, and limestone floors are often damaged through wear and tear from daily traffic, or caustic liquids such as vinegar or household cleaners. Fortunately, every year we save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by restoring marble floors, rather than replacing them.

Here are the steps that we follow for our marble floor restorations:

1. Marble Floor Cleaning — Using The Spinner Tool

We start the marble floor tile polishing process by doing a thorough alkaline or neutral scrub and steam cleaning. Then we move onto a multi-step diamond polishing process.

After each marble polishing step, we use a spinner tool to prepare the stone for the next step. This specialized machine allows us to rinse & flush the stone with boiling water, while simultaneously vacuuming up the water and stone slurry from the floor in a self-contained, vacuum-sealed dome.

This allows us to clean your marble tile floors much more thoroughly than mopping alone. This is essential in order to fully remove the marble slurry between steps, and allow us to achieve the best possible finish. Our marble restoration will leave your tiles with a beautiful shine.

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2. Marble Floor Polishing — Using The Diamond Polisher

Our marble polishing process starts with a heavy grit diamond polish pad and then moves to finer and finer grits. This ensures that we diamond-cut away the initial damage, and then end with the requested sheen/finish.  Matt or honed finish, through satin on up to glossy & ultra high gloss finish, depending on your preference.

We offer 9 levels of gloss for you to choose from.

3. Marble Sealing – The Final Marble Restoration Step

After the polishing and cleaning steps are complete, we apply multiple coats of premium sealer.

We use a premium impregnating/penetrating sealer that soaks deep into your marble, rather than a topical sealer, which sits on the surface of the stone. This means that the coating will not peel off.

We also offer broken floor tile repairs, if one of your marble tiles has come loose, is chipped, or has broken into pieces.

Get the shine back in your marble floors.

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