Limestone Floor Maintenance

Expert cleaning, polishing, sealing, and restoration services
for your limestone floor tiles.

Natural limestone tiles add character to any space. They come in a variety of soft tones and are dense and durable. However, due to the porous nature of the stone, regular limestone floor maintenance is required to keep your tiles in tip-top shape. 

At Strassburger Tile Perfection, we take your limestone cleaning and sealing seriously, as we do with any type of natural stone flooring. To protect your stone from spills, chips, and cracks, it is important to ensure you seal your limestone tiles regularly. When you properly clean and protect your tiles you save money on tile service in the future. 

If you have neglected your limestone floor maintenance too long, we offer professional refinishing and restoration services. In very little time, we can have your matte or polished limestone floor tiles looking brand new!

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Limestone Cleaning and Sealing

Limestone must be cleaned and sealed regularly to keep any dirt, soil, or debris from becoming embedded. Porous materials like limestone stain very easily and are challenging to maintain, without regular limestone floor maintenance, as stain removal can be quite difficult. 

Our qualified team only uses non-acidic solutions and professional tools for cleaning limestone floor tiles. We start by cleaning any grit or debris from your floors, then systematically use steamers, neutral cleaners, and poultice products to reinvigorate your tiles. We base our limestone cleaning and sealing strategy on your floor’s individual needs. 

We will apply a sealer to prevent stains. No sealer is 100% stain proof, but it is your best defence against discolouration as it gives you more time to clean up spills before they leave a mark. We will use an impregnating sealer on your tiles, so that your floors are protected deep down into the stone and not just on the surface. 

Choose a professional for your limestone floor maintenance as any missteps can irreparably damage your flooring.

Limestone Floor Refinishing & Restoration

Limestone floor looking worn, etched, or cracked? Don’t waste time and money replacing your limestone floor when you can restore it. Limestone floor refinishing involves removing the top layer of your tiles, so you’re left with a clean, smooth finish. 

We can fill holes or cracks in your limestone floor tiles, which will match the colour, sheen, and texture of your current flooring. If you’ve found that the grout between your tiles is affecting the overall look and feel of your limestone floor, we will perform grout injection as part of our limestone floor restoration services.


Polished Limestone Floor Tiles

Polished limestone floor tiles offer a timeless look. They also offer an easy-to-clean surface for spills, which can cause stains on limestone floor tiles. During your limestone floor maintenance, let us know your desired finish. We can transform your space by adding to or reducing the shine on your polished limestone floor tiles.

Limestone is long-lasting, but only if it is properly taken care of. Invest in regular limestone floor maintenance, so you can enjoy the look and feel of your tiles for years to come.

Get the shine back in your limestone floors.

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