Terrazzo Cleaning and Polishing

Environmentally-responsible cleaning and polishing for your terrazzo floor tiles.

Go green and cut your terrazzo maintenance costs.

The latest generation of floor polishing systems is green and that’s great news for schools, hospitals, and other institutional facilities where avoiding the use of chemical products on terrazzo floors is a plus. The newest North American nano-technology uses diamonds and water to restore and polish terrazzo surfaces.

Solvent-free, waterborne sealers and densifiers – which are also green – provide amazing, long-lasting results, which will lead to a dramatic reduction in day-to-day maintenance costs of your floors. The significant savings you’ll receive from performing this new terrazzo polishing will allow you to allocate funds to more important areas of your organization.

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Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Terrazzo is a durable and affordable flooring surface that is made from a combination of marble chips and binder (usually concrete or resin). While terrazzo chips require little maintenance, the binder material can require more upkeep on a regular basis to prevent staining or discolouration.

When cleaning a terrazzo floor, it is important to clear the area of any dust or debris before cleaning the surface. Terrazzo floors should be wet mopped with water or a neutral cleaner and then thoroughly rinsed to remove all the dirt.

Special cleaning products may be required to remove excess staining or clean specific types of sealant. Contact our team for details.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing

One of the best ways to keep terrazzo flooring looking its best is by applying a finishing sealer to guard against stains in the long-term. This sealer will need to be stripped off and reapplied on a periodic basis, but it will reduce maintenance costs in the long-term.

For stripping and re-sealing terrazzo flooring, it is best to work with a professional. A professional will be able to ensure your floor is not damaged during this process and have access to solvent-free, waterborne sealers and densifiers.

Professionals will also have the equipment to effectively polish your terrazzo tiles and make them shine, using the latest North American technology like diamond polishing.

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