Top 3 Reasons to Use Polymeric Sand in your Driveway

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Are weeds overrunning your driveway? Are you having trouble keeping up with their growth? Put your gardening gloves away and start using polymeric sand. Polymeric sand can do the following:

  • Deter weed growth
  • Prevent ant infestation
  • Provide a more durable and flexible driveway surface


What is Polymeric Sand and why does it work?

Polymeric sand is specifically designed for filling in the joints of pavers and concrete slabs. It’s sand mixed with a binding compound that helps keep your pavers in place. In comparison to traditional sand, polymeric sand has less pore space. This means there’s less room for water flow and less chance of weeds rooting down between your paving stones.

The binding compound in polymeric sand acts as a deterrent to ants, making them less likely to tunnel underneath your driveway. This prevents the hassle of getting rid of the ants, but also stops any shifting of the paving stones.

Polymeric sand is more durable than traditional sand, but also provides some flexibility. The durability means it doesn’t wash away after a large storm and can withstand cleaning. Flexibility is necessary where there’s repeated ground freezing and thawing.Even our harsh Canadian winters are no match for polymeric sand!

Strassburger Tile Perfection performs professional driveway cleaning, polymeric sand installation and sealer for paver stones and concrete. Don’t waste another day pulling out weeds. Click here to find out more here.

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