Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile: How to Choose

Porcelain tile vs. ceramic tile — which is better? The short answer: it all demands on where you plan to use them in your home.

Porcelain and ceramic tile are two of the most popular choices for homeowners. Not only do they make great flooring choices, but they can be used for backsplashes, bathroom shower stalls, and more. Choosing the right material for the different rooms in your home has a lot to do with your needs and maintenance requirements, so if you’re deciding between porcelain tile vs ceramic tile, here are some helpful tips to help you decide.

Why Choose Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain Tile Pros

Porcelain tile is made of clay and other natural materials, and it’s kiln-fired to give it its hardness. Porcelain tiles can be made to look like almost any other kind of flooring material: stone, wood, concrete, and more. While porcelain and ceramic tiles are similar in their makeup, porcelain is more durable. In fact, it’s the most durable kind of tile on the market. It stands up incredibly to water, so it’s the perfect choice for those high-moisture areas.

Porcelain Tile Cons

Porcelain tile can be a little bit pricier than other flooring and wall materials, even though the price tag may be worth it for its durability. It’s also harder to cut, making it essential that you hire a flooring professional to install it — this is not a DIY option. When purchasing tiles, it is best to avoid the cheapest option and spend a bit more money to get longer-term satisfaction.

Porcelain Tile Maintenance

As we mentioned above, porcelain tile is highly durable. On top of its ability to stand up to water, it’s also hard to damage with spills and scratching. Regular maintenance is fairly simple. A schedule of vacuuming or sweeping once a week, in addition to a pH neutral cleaning, goes a long way to keep this material looking great.

Why Choose Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic Tile Pros

Above all, ceramic tile is an affordable option for homeowners, especially if you’re tiling a large area. It’s easier to cut than porcelain tile, making it easier to install. Ceramic tile also comes in a wide range of colours and finishes and has a durable glaze on top. In the summer, ceramic tile feels cool to the touch, so it’s a great option if you prefer a cooler tile during the warm months.

Ceramic Tile Cons

Ceramic tile is durable, but it’s not quite as durable as porcelain. Because ceramic tiles have a layer of glaze on the top, they can sometimes chip and expose the clay body of the tile underneath to more damage. As with porcelain and any other kind of tile, you should avoid the cheapest option. Cheap ceramic tiles can chip easily and result in you spending more money to fix it.

Ceramic Tile Maintenance

Ceramic & porcelain tile requires a bit more maintenance, but still less than most other flooring materials. You should sweep or vacuum ceramic tiles once a week, and follow up with a pH-neutral mopping. It may require further deep cleaning once every couple of months.

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